Heart-Stroke Collaborative

Kansas Collaborative for Improvement of Care (KCIC) at Kansas University Medical Center – over 30 sites across rural Kansas

Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Robert Moser, former Director of Kansas’ Department of Health and the Environment, this CMS-funded $15 million undertaking supports the connection of some three dozen rural practices and critical access hospitals across Kansas with Kansas University Medical Center to achieve demonstrable improvement in outcomes for heart attack and stroke. The partnership with HMS assures that data movement can be achieved in a timely, cost-effective and sustainable manner.

ACO Reporting

Kansas University Medical Center Jayhawk

HMS provides essential quality improvement, reporting and data fluidity for 10 primary care clinics.

HMS technology and know-how assure that provider panels achieve a level of accuracy well beyond other software. With this kind of accurate and consistent data, measuring performance becomes far easier, and care opportunities together with bonus funding can be maximized.

Barry Pointe Family Care, LLC

Barry Pointe, one of the region’s highest-functioning primary care clinics, has used HMS’ Solutions for Quality Improvement (SQI)for all of its quality improvement and data fluidity activities since 2015.

HMS is in discussion with public payers to address critical use cases such as alerts and treatment plan coordination when covered patients appear in emergency rooms, or electronic availability of client records that can supplant insurers needing manual extraction of quality information.

Past Clients

KCQIC (Kansas City Quality Improvement Council)

HMS takes pride in its partnership with KCQIC, a Robert Woods Johnson Aligning Forces for Quality grantee from 2007-2015. KCQIC was one of 16 pilot sites nationally for the CMS Transitions of Care/TOC (2015-2017) and a provider of services to high-risk populations throughout the greater metropolitan area.

Provision of analytic reporting and input to Kansas City’s Blue Ribbon Panel, Mid-America Health Coalition and area foundations.