Partnership with Lewis and Clark Information Exchange (LACIE)

Think of LACIE as the hub that brings all the information together, regardless of the IT vendor — like a train switch operator who manages the switch and the tracks while the trains and the data belong to providers and payers.

Covering two states, from western Missouri across all of Kansas, Lewis and Clark Information Exchange (LACIE-HIE) is among a handful of HIEs nationally focusing on a new approach to data movement or data sharing. In partnership with Health Metrics Systems (HMS), LACIE is providing services outside the traditional scope of a public Health Information Organization (HIO) to prominent healthcare systems and providers in the Midwest. This service, much like a ‘virtual medical records department,’ is LACIE 2.0.

LACIE 2.0 allows for the extraction of permissioned data directly from multiple levels of providers’ and payers’ Electronic Health Record (EHR), registration or practice management systems. Information is moved/shared in a completely HIPAA-compliant manner using HMS’ Solutions for Quality Improvement (SQI) platform and “HIPAA-Control” technology. Extracted data is normalized and formatted in a manner that provides the most value to the recipient of the data.

LACIE 2.0 solves most of the formidable challenges in interoperability (information sharing across platform, applications and settings) for improved patient health outcomes, cost-containment and revenue preservation through:

  • A community-based, virtual medical records department – a “private exchange”
  • Pull versus push technology with minimal disruption to existing IT infrastructure
  • A single, trusted source of clean, normalized, vendor-agnostic data
  • Timely access to patient information
  • Tracking of any quality measures (HEDIS or other), drawn from multiple data sources
  • Improved efficiency with care coordinators, benefit managers and quality assurance activities
  • Meaningful Use criteria for interoperability and patient registry

Through contractual agreements administered through LACIE, highly specific sharing of information on a subscriber basis is provided at Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), hospitals, community mental health centers, Kansas University Medical Center, and more.

LACIE Partners

ACOs in Kansas City

With all major ACOs in the Greater Kansas City Market as clients (Kansas City Metropolitan Physicians Association/KCMPA, Signature Health/Kansas City Internal Medicine and Kansas University Medical Center/JayHawk)  HMS provides essential quality improvement, reporting (GPRO, HEDIS and other) and data fluidity.

The Heart-Stroke Collaborative Run Through Kansas University Medical Center

Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Robert Moser, former Director of Kansas’ Department of Health and the Environment, this CMS-funded $15 million undertaking supports the connection of some 50 rural practices and critical access hospitals in Western Kansas with Kansas University Medical Center to achieve demonstrable improvement in outcomes for heart attack and stroke. The Heart-Stroke Collaborative has partnered with LACIE-HMS to assure that data movement is achieved in a timely, cost-effective and sustainable manner.

Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs)

LACIE-HMS is working collaboratively on the initiative of the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City to connect area CMHCs and the Regional Crisis Hotline with emergency rooms and hospital inpatient units for notification and treatment coordination services in ‘real time.’

New Partners

LACIE-HMS continue to expand its client base, including:

KCQIC (Kansas City Quality Improvement Council)

Another HMS client has been KCQIC, former Robert Woods Johnson Aligning Forces for Quality grantee. KCQIC is one of the pilot sites for the CMS Transitions of Care and a provider of services to high-risk populations throughout the greater metropolitan area.

Blue Ribbon Panel

A Blue Ribbon Panel comprised of area hospitals and major practices has been advocating for the use of the LACIE 2.0-HMS platform as the unifying HIT infrastructure between providers and payers. The Panel is chaired by Jill Watson, CEO of KCMPA, HMS’s first ACO client in the greater metropolitan area.


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Greater Kansas City will begin a pilot (September 2016) to capture and move data from several practices with BCBSGKC covered patients to the insurers, demonstrating the capacity of the HMS platform to segment information in a highly granular manner using any format specified.

HMS is in discussion with public payers to address critical use cases such as alerts and treatment  plan coordination when covered patients appear in emergency rooms, or electronic availability of client records that can supplant insurers needing manual extraction of quality information.